Tips to watch movies comfortably

Tips to watch movies comfortably

August 26, 2018 Off By Admin

The lights have been turned off, the ads have disappeared, and the average audience can’t wait to enjoy the treat in front of the screen. It starts to feel something strange. Giggling, the reflection of light from the cellphone that is still opened, until the voice of the chat is pressed in such a way, but still makes other people disturbed.

You may also feel this when watching a movie in a movie theater. The behavior of some moviegoers who do not understand ethics can be very disturbing to the comfort of watching.

In fact, if you pay attention, before the film starts, there is always writing on the screen that encourages the audience to turn off the cellphone, forbidden to speak and record movies / movie scenes.

Some time ago, netizens were shocked by a woman’s post that featured footage of a movie scene she was watching in her instagram account. When confirmed, she argued that she had already paid for the ticket, so she felt natural when posting the intended movie scene.

Without realizing it, the behavior proved how much she did not understand about copyright law, because displaying footage of the movie scene was the same as doing piracy. Not only that, maybe she also made other viewers uncomfortable

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