Tips You Should Know about Parka Jacket

Tips You Should Know about Parka Jacket

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As one of the fashion trends that we still often encounter in tropical country, parka jacket we have to explore furthermore. Let’s know the same parka jacket.

Understanding what is a parka jacket?

Parka jacket was once a jacket used by hunters who live in the Arctic. Usually parka jackets are equipped with hoodies to protect hunters from rain and feathers to warm them up. Parka jackets are becoming increasingly recognized in the fashion industry since 1959, when one of the leading fashion magazines featured parkas in its fashion page. In tropical countries, parka jackets are widely used are equipped with hoodie, but not equipped with feathers because it adapts to our climate.

Materials used for parka jacket

In ancient times, parka jackets made from animal skins such as deer or seals coated with fish oil for water proof. Thank god, in 2018, parka jackets are available in a selection of fabrics such as nylon, waterproof polyester, and gabardine. Do not imagine if you have to go to the mall with deer skin and fish oil. Because the material is waterproof, parka really fit for us to wear during the rainy season, girls!

How to wear a parka combined with a dress

Parka jacket that looks sporty we can combine with the dress, really! In order not to look sporty but not excessive, wear a dress with a piece that extends downward like a skater dress. Combine skater dress, parka and sneakers or sandals platform for casual look. Meanwhile, for a more girly look, replace sneakers with flat shoes with a model of ballerina shoes. Well, if you want to look more edgy, pair dress and parka with your favorite ankle boots shoes.

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