How to start braid hair by yourself?

How to start braid hair by yourself?

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Start your first braids. Hold the braid in your hand so that a strand is between your thumb and index finger, the second strand is between the index and the middle finger, and the third strand hangs behind the first two strands. Take part of the hair closest to your scalp by using your thumb and forefinger, as close to the root of your hair as possible. To start braiding:

-Get your empty hand around your head, and grab the third strand of hair that hangs behind the strands that are in your grasp.

-At the same time pull the third piece below, and combine the hair from your scalp into the space between your thumb and forefinger, and turn it up and down in the opposite direction.

– Pull the loose part of the third hair into the middle, between the two parts. You should now have three separate strands of hair firmly attached to your scalp, with your natural hair entwined in one part.

Braid your hair part. With your braids as close as possible to your scalp, start braiding as tightly as possible in a traditional pattern; with the alternative of placing the leftmost strand above the center piece. When you have reached the end of your braid, the strands should taper into smaller and smaller braids. You do not need to wear elastic rubber to hold it in place, because it can hold its own.

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