What is PointClickCare Electronic Health Record Platform?

What is PointClickCare Electronic Health Record Platform?

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As an electronic health record solution, Point Click Care guarantees the quality of care received by the customers. As the year goes by, Point Click Care is aware of the demand, so an improvement is made to the system in hopes that the operational efficiency can also be improved. Well, with PointClickCare Electronic Health Record Platform, it has become possible to efficiently manage the care process. Within the platform, care providers are able to balance out the need for the residents’ care and the efficiency of their business operations. Perhaps, there is a pondering of ‘how is that possible?’ the answer lies in Point Click Care’s streamline operations and its care delivery services.

Point Click Care Streamline Operations

There are three operations which ensure business management of the providers. With aligned service plans with resident needs, providers are now able to manage unscheduled and scheduled services; moreover, Point Click Care allows providers to estimate and optimize staffing level by matching the schedules and the staff’ service time. Lastly, Point Click Care also increase the business visibility of providers through the optimization of the Point of Care app. Information is exchanged real-time through options, such as dashboard, reports, alerts and more.

Point Click Care Delivery Services

Not only that Point Click Care improves providers’ business management and visibility, but also their care delivery services. There are three main services which are accessible to them. Those are Identify Health Trends, Connect with Pharmacies, and Enhance Assessment, Service Plans, and Workflow. The first one is available to let providers know exactly the care demanded by the residents. Meanwhile, the second one is integration with pharmacies to let the staff manage residents’ medication more effectively. Then, the last one is the key points of success in clinical operation. As mentioned previously above, streamlined operations allow the businesses to operate effectively with such efficient workflow which later leads to a better health outcome for customers.

Understanding PointClickCare Senior Living Communities

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