The Importance of Water for Birds

The Importance of Water for Birds

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Always provide clean water. Clean water should always be provided. Fill in the birds every day with normal water. A bird sanctuary should be checked daily to make sure it works well and you should be absolutely sure that your bird knows how to use it. Change the water every day to keep it clean and fresh.

-Purchase drops if possible; this type of drink prevents bird droppings from entering the drinking area

-Birds will quickly dehydrate, approximately for 1-2 days without drinking

Keep the food and drink clean. Place water and bird feed should be placed on top and do not put the stem on it because the bird will drop the dirt into the feed, so the bird feed becomes unclean

Try feeding the birds regularly at the same time each day. It could be when you eat, or maybe before. However, choose a certain hour and try to keep feeding the bird at that hour, so the bird will know when the food will arrive. If you want to follow the bird’s natural feeding time, feed about half an hour after sunrise, and before sunset

During the day, small snacks of fruits and vegetables can be left in a cage. Again, recognize your bird. Small birds with high metabolism should be fed more often.

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