How Ear Mites in dogs are diagnosed?

How Ear Mites in dogs are diagnosed?

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What to do when you suspect your dog is exposed to ear mites? It is important to take him to the doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Veterinarians will usually take samples of earwax and evaluate them by microscope to ascertain whether there are mites in the ear. Avoid diagnosing alone, as some types of bacterial infections can also have symptoms similar to ear mites.

How to treat ear mites?

Veterinarians will usually prescribe drugs to be smeared directly in the ear, anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics to treat the infection. Most of the drugs used usually contain pyrethrin and thiabendazole. Revolution is also effective against the ear mites and can be used for treatment and prevention

What are the common symptoms when a dog is exposed to ear mites?

– Excessive ear scratching

– Often to shake head

– The wax liquid is black or brown

– Strong scent

– Inflammation

– Blocked ear canal with dirt like coffee powder

What are the complications that arise? In addition to causing skin infections, ear mites can cause blood vessels in the leaves of the dog’s ears ruptured as the dog often scratches and shakes its head. This can cause the ear of the swelling and pain for the dog. This condition is called a hematoma and often requires surgery to repair it. Are certain dogs more susceptible to ear mites? Ear mites can infect all dogs of various ages.

Causes and treatment for ear mites in dogs

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