Benefits of using a credit card

Benefits of using a credit card

May 13, 2018 Off By Admin

Many of you may have misunderstandings about using credit cards that credit cards are debt cards that can interfere with your financial plan. Begin when you think otherwise and get rid of the specter of credit cards as a debts card. Because this one financial product actually serves as a means of payment.

Simply, in this modern and all-digital era, carrying cash wherever you go is no longer effective. Switch with this “plastic money” and enjoy the benefits you can get. Here are benefits of using a credit card in comparison to cash, or debit cards:

Using a credit card for every small or even a small amount of money can potentially increase your Central Checking Bank. For Central Bank checking information, such as a report issued by the Central Bank containing a credit history or a customer loan to a bank, or a non-bank financial institution.

The presence of credit cards indeed spoil its users. Many advantages of credit cards can be obtained. First, you do not have to pay in cash, and also do not have to carry a lot of cash in the wallet. In addition, there are also various beneficial facilities from credit card usage transactions.

Nowadays, credit card issuing banks offer special offers such as cashback, discounts and rewards that benefit customers when they deal with credit cards. One such offer is a reward.

Understanding Credit Card Reward

Reward on a credit card like a gift from a bank that does not require a lottery to get it. Rewards are calculated on points, so you must collect as many points as you can in exchange for various prizes offered by the bank.

How to get reward points is to make transactions with credit card. For example, every transaction of $ 1 will get 1 reward point, if you shop for $ 50, then you will get 50 reward points. The amount of transaction to get 1 point is different on each bank.


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