Avoiding the iPhone Giveaway Fraud

Avoiding the iPhone Giveaway Fraud

February 12, 2018 Off By Admin

iPhone giveaway fraud on internet is very vibrant because the nature of the internet is open and free for everyone. The thing written here is the general picture and only aims to add insight so that we are not deceived. The internet world is a free world in which we do not know anyone behind a site or an email. Information laws and electronic transactions have indeed been ratified, but do not expect too much good protection from the Act. As a new law, the readiness of legislators is still minimal. Although the government will be very ready with the tools and supporting devices but still the key to our safety on the internet is very dependent on our awareness and knowledge.

If you get iPhone giveawayevent notification from email, never trust the email which tells you that you can win iPhone in free. Even if we win the lottery will be contacted directly by phone, letter or other. Through the phone we must be careful is to ask directly to the organizer of the draw. Search carefully the address of the lottery organizer if indeed we follow the prize quiz.Never trust bank officials or security officers who ask for data via email, phone and SMS. The bank will not order its officers to do this.The fraudsters or automatic software usually get our email from various activities that we do on the internet. For that it would be better to create a special email that is only used for confirmation of financial transactions and no other people who know other than us.

Those are the basic things to mind before joining the iPhone giveaway event. Even though there are many fraud event, but you can still follow some trusted event which is held by trusted website and party. Like in example you can follow the competition held by famous magazine, or by the official websites of certain newspaper or magazine. Those are safer rather than participate to the unknown event.

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