Air knife Drying System

Air knife Drying System

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Because of the need to increase productivity and strengthen quality targets, it is necessary to reduce production costs and deliver products faster. One problem to solve is to remove solvent-based inks used to label food, plastic bottles, and packaging. Label adhesion, inkjet encoding, inspection, testing, and packaging systems are affected by residual moisture on the surface of all products.

Manufacturing plants with multiple production lines can use an air knife drying system to improve the drying process and reduce utility costs associated with compressed air usage. If multiple apps, although they can match “blow” from compressed air nozzles, the desired range coverage and high-level drying 90% -99%, there is no high option. Air knifes generally save more than 50% of energy. The corresponding R.O.I usually decreases within 6 months.

The Air knife Drying System

The current production line can be diverted to other products quickly, size and speed of production is key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Blowers and air knife systems are specially designed to accommodate all products required for food or beverage production lines.

It is an industry that promotes air knife drainage and becomes an engineering science. Prior to Air Systems, customers bought bulk blowers, made their own “tools” and used industrial nozzles. In many cases, mixed results are displayed. Air Knife Drying System provides a uniform high-speed air impact curtain that can raise the temperature at around 39 ° F without using an external heat source. Increase the column is with the speed and associated friction air holes. Using one-way mounting bracket adjustable air knife, to a certain degree of moisture blocking, to precisely control the stroke of the air knife also offers optional housing of the blower system to prevent high-pressure flushing procedure.